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Monday, March 28th, 2005
8:32 pm


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Sunday, February 27th, 2005
12:25 am - Grr Rawr HxC!
ok well i already wrote this out..and it went to readonly just to piss me off so i lost it once..and i have now stabbed livejournal with a stick..lets hope this works this time...

]|[ Welcome Welcome to my freakshow ]|[

Hats go off to sammie tonight for taking my concert virginity!!!!
She also recieves a pat on the back for saving a kids life ^^

OK so the night was awesome...scale of 1-10...25...yes 25 i can do that cuz im mee...went to sammies at 300..hung out..and somehow my nails became black..oh well..got to toads at 4...sat outside and sam alicia jon and i kept occupied by dancing..hopping...slapping jon...and slicing up alicia with a spiky wristband...among other thinks...got in at 5..and scars of tomorrow opened at 6...awesome set..totally better live...but insanely awesome...fucking hot as hell in there too...grr..oh well...next up was norma jean...yet another great set...and i think theyre better live..ok all were better live in my eyes..and ears...unearth was next..reason why i went to the show even though i like the other bands as well...they were insane and awesome and too many words to describe them...hmmm and BEER BONG...yea that was cool...they all did that while playing solos...damn gifted bastards...hehe...well atreyu closed out the night with an awesome song lineup and closed with lipgloss and black..my personal favorite but yeah...sammie caught a kid from falling and held him by his arm for the last 3 songs..the kid passed out..she saved him and brought him to safety and stuff..congrats once again

i had fun...DOA tomorrow night...sammies going...jons a possibility..and so is jess...bers going...so yeah thatll be funn..i know im missing some from the other entry but oh well...

]|[ Later ]|[

current mood: grr rawr hxc!!

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Friday, February 25th, 2005
11:31 pm - nothing....
]|[ Welcome welcome to my freakshow ]|[

i got to skate yesterday...it was pretty kickass.. me and jon met up with cogan and his buddies and we hit up the school... i brought one of my many rails... overall it was a great day of skating..jon stole my shoes just because he was sucking..and then he all of a sudden did better because he was wearing my shoes...those fallens are so magical =p anyways i fell on my ass again after giving up my goodluck charm osiris thingy...wasnt even luck..but it made me fall horribly..which will affect me tomorrow night at the show and also the DOA show...-tear- but oh well im gonna pop some pills and go through it anyway...theres no fuckin way in hell im missing Unearth's moshpit... im in a rather weird mood..not excited for all the shows happening and i have no clue why...maybe ill find out as i am at them...

lamb of god show is in 8 days..possibly 7..dont fuckin know...see i dont even know...shows how much im waiting for it...i am really wanting to go but i dont have the anticipation and GAH ITS A DREAM type thing like jess has...oh well

current mood: nothing

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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
12:59 pm - update
]|[ addition to the latest part ]|[

during my night of cleaning at jons..the most tragic thing happened..a beaded bracelet made by none other than Berxcore sadly took its leave... it is resting in my jeans pocket with a broked string and must undergo surgery next week...this happened by a box...quickly thrown to myself.tim. by jackass.jon..it hooked the bracelet and pop..!!

the ceremony will be sunday the 27th...at uhmmm the DOA show???sure why not

]|[ Bless tis lost bracelet ]|[

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11:59 am - read-only sucks
]|[ Welcome Welcome to my freakshow ]|[

new icon for mee yess!!!

onto other news...livejournal was in read-only again..how fuckin retarded..oh well seems to work now...on monday i went to jons house and we had a poker night..lost 12 bucks of ym moms money but had fun in the process...then i ended up staying there all night because i was too lazy to walk home and his parents dont care if i stay or not because im a cool kid... anyways we ended up cleaning out his whole fuckin basement...which is fuckin huge for those who dont know... but now its a game room and its spiffy as all hell...pool table drums pingpong..xbox the works..ya..and the cool little tykes plastic bicycle...yeah thats my road hog right there...i actually fit on it..if i put my legs over the handbars so i can use the pedals...=p shows how cool i am...we also found a rocking horse...and we were running into eachother on the bike and rocking horse with pool sticks as spears....overall fun...but ya were fuckin idiots..and his sister stated that we are too much alike...is that really so???oh well
his grammy also made some chicken stuff that was good except she didnt take out the strings so we had to rip them apart...i ate a piece of string..oh well it wont kill me...im not dead now...
got yelled at by my dad for sleeping in... thats pathetic...

i think im good for now

]|[ Later ]|[

current mood: tired as fuck

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Sunday, February 20th, 2005
3:13 pm
]|[ Welcome welcome to my freakshow ]|[

going for dark colors because i got tired of the yellow and the vehemence in the other one so yay for dark dark green!!

Hmm let's see what to talk about..hmmm...well my vacation starts this weeek yess!! very happy for that...no 90 years old guy/girls yelling at me and telling my to add numbers together... some fat bitchy teacher yelled at me for asking a question on friday...i thought thats what you did in school..ask questions and they answer it...a question on something for when i was abscent nonetheless...how fucking stupid can you be..people like this really need food poisoning...Well jess came over yesterday... we watched Final Destination then started to watch Son-In-Law...then were interrupted cuz my sis wanted us to go outside in the jacuzzi...but yeah oh well...my tailbone isnt broked and i think ill be fine in a matter of a day or two..=0 then back on the skateboard for mee ... just to do it again... how come the weather went from 60 degrees to 28... i swear everyone is out to piss me off these days...take this one for example...i was openly talking to myself about how i was going to move my room around about 3 days ago...and my parents barge in today and are like 'ok what do you want moved?' and i told them that i dont want to move anything anymore and that i just want the hanging clothes thingy out(dont know what its called =0) anyways i get yelled at for changing my mind...i try to answer her questions...and she tells me to shut up...how great of parenting that is..now she knows why i dont like sitting at home..but ya after that she goes on about how she doesnt hate my friends...she just doesnt 'approve' of them...yess soo much different...but ya...now she has given me plenty of reasons why she doesnt want me hanging out with my friends...i cant hang out with mark because he smokes pot..oh man yes him getting high will effect me??sure but i can hang out with randy and montana because she 'approves' of them...so which means if i want to go downtown i have to go to their houses..but we hang out at marks..so BAM cant go downtown...she also approves of jon because hes a good kid...haha hes pretty much allowed over whenever he wants...ad we're the worst together..dont know how she approves of him... and i still cant get the fact out of my head that my mom thinks i do drugs and drink...grrr its fucking annoying...she deserves a nice kick in the face...

]|[ Have A Nice Day ]|[

current mood: blah

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Friday, February 18th, 2005
8:21 pm - fuck this....
today i got home all happy cuz its vacation...was told to clean my room and guess what...BAM i get yelled at...loookie that i am destined to be miserable... hmmm i am also possibly grounded the whole vacation for "talking back" i dont remember any talking back that i did...oh well i didnt really care i dont have much planned anyways...just jess coming over tomorrow and me going to marks someday... but oh well..i was supposedly babysitting my sister until 9..but i fell asleep at like 4... just woke up...luckily the house isnt burned down...oh well im just gonna get yelled at again...fuck this...

current mood: sleepy still

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
2:02 pm - just for the fuck of it
Happy anniversary, schools are short of funds
This is what I say, give the kids more guns
All of the classes are on how to kill
If you don't teach them then someone else will

Happy Death-Day to Columbine...
Let's make the world an Oklahoma City, fine
Wacky-Waco Happy Death Day, babies that were burned
The Wheel has turned!

Happy Death-Day to you!
Happy Death-Day to you!

Barricades are growing in the halls
Bullet holes are stitching in the walls
The students are well-armed but so are the pigs
This thing is gonna be big

We must now attack the very children that we taught
That they must never fight the fucked up wars that we had fought
Someone detonates a bomb, they said that it was huge
Bull dozed all the evidence and blamed it on some stooge

Happy Death-Day to Columbine...
Let's make the world an Oklahoma City, fine
Wacky-Waco Happy Death Day, babies that were burned
Hey look! The Wheel has turned!

There's only one way to save you
Rape and maim and enslave you
Finish what we started
I guess you could say that God farted

what a great song huh...haha i think so...so hilarious..sorry had to post it...and yeah....i wanna skate **tear** LIKE NOW but nooo im "injured" from it and now im pisseded offffff
ok bye bye

current mood: drunk<--really??

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12:05 pm - uuuugggghhhhhhhh my day suckkksss
skating has become so painful these days... well i got to miss school hehe ^^ oh well nothing to do anyways... everyones at school and im just kicking back and relaxing... not good at it though because i cant sit right... my mom thinks i do drugs too...ok well she said she doesnt think i do but then she whipped out some quiz thing and read it 'does your child do drugs or drink?' just like that quizilla shit... but she answered positive to all the questions..and didnt give me a say in them so oh well i rly dont care... let her think what she wants...actually i think its better because if i do get caught drinking with friends then i wont get ragged on as hard... not that i drink ^^ but oh well gonna go play XBOX later

current mood: out of it

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Sunday, February 13th, 2005
11:29 pm
Your socks they smell, your feet they stink,
You never take a bath.
Your nose it runs, you bust your buns,
You always finish last.
Sick! (Sick) Of!
(Of) Youuuuu.
I'm so sick, so sick of you.
Your face is gross, you eat white toast,
You don't know what to do.
It's just your luck, you really suck,
That's all - I'm sick of you

fuckin funny ass lyrics....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh well sorry had to post it

current mood: gwarr--lll

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3:07 pm - sorry
update on the last entry

didnt go to jess's house because of my neck...i can barely move....and i feel bad for having to cancel the plans i love you

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11:59 am - cleaning succccckkkkssssss
supposedly i must clean my room in order to go to jess's house at 2...**looks at the floor**yeah uhmm this is gonna be extremely close if i start cleaning right now...ugh cleaning sucks major ass.. heather stated she cleaned her room so i guess i must do the same..hey look at this its like one of those "emo" and "hardxcore" fads going around..EVERYONE QUICK JUMP ON THE "CLEANING" FAD SO YOU CAN BE COOL....sounds dumb huh?well whatcha expect thats what everyones doing...


haha i sound like one of those marijuana comercials...

hey come on man one hit and you'll be "cool"

ok fine....
OH MAN IM SOO HIGH RIGHT NOW**blows head off**
marijuana kills...(no it doesnt your actions do under the influence) dumb fucks....

ya im gonna go clean now...SAVE ME PLEASE¤¤¤¤¤¤

current mood: cleaning

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Saturday, February 12th, 2005
10:39 am - yessssss staurday!
thank god its saturday i fuckin hate schoool soooo muchhh..

yesterday was pretty complicated... i went to school pissed because my mom canceled my plans with jess.. but in the end i was there anyways? haha not complaining at least.. she got me to watch RHPS ... not as bad as i thought it would be.. i dont think id watch it again but yea... off of that i left her house around 10 and came home and stupid me forgot to turn on the basement lights so i walked down the stairs.. forgot to close up my couch so i tripped and fell onto that... at least it was comfortable whiplash... hey thats like not possible..comfortable whiplash?thats like jumbo shrimp and floppy boner.. sorry... anyways i fell asleep around 4... but i woke up to DUNKIN DONUTS muffins sitting next to mee...its like a sending from .. my dad... there is no god so it cant come from him.. but ya chocolate chip and.. dont know the other one yet ill find out in 5 minutes.. listening to Gwar..they got some funny ass costumes but good guitar and drums so that makes up for it ^^.. so im in a good mood cuz of the spiffy muffins...also got a sandwiche but thats devoured already..dad just yelled at me to do my chores...ok maybe i dont like saturdays so much...

current mood: happy happy happy

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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
7:25 pm - Very very very very very Bored
first off i must inform you...the back of my neck says "penis poopie" compliments of jon in 7th period...

okay i fell asleep last night around 3 with a wikid headache so i slept most of the day away in school... first period i had some math test thing and i didnt know what the fuck i was doing, so that quickly turned into artwork haha ^^ i did five questions.. probably got those wrong too.. oh well who gives a shit.. i dont.. anyways i slept almost every other period away.. got woken up by various flying pens and papers.. started to get annoying after awhile but oh well.. they should really put naptime back in school.. ^^ after that i came home and relaxed...still neglected to clean my room.. i also ripped my jeans on the side of my bed so now i have a spiffy pair of shorts.. oh ya.. anyways i sat in this chair and watched a solid 2 hours of music videos.. mostly pantera and damageplan.. some gwar.. you get the idea.. mainly today was a huge pantera day .. remembrence of dimebag.. one of the guitar gods.. ^^ everyone should go smoke up for him if you havent already ††† anyways i had a very boring day nothing happened for mee.. later

check out this cool blinky thing...brutal band too

current mood: Death To You

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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
4:05 pm - ¤¤¤¤ Im not like you Im not like them I wont pretend ¤¤¤¤
Hmm today i was SUPPOSED to go skating with mark randy montana...the "gang" but nope that all went to hell as soon as i got home... called the father... gotta clean my room... i yelled... he yelled louder... i get in trouble... i sit here... i cry... just kidding... but ya i was looking forward to the skate day because i havent in about 3 months so ya it woulda been cool... onto other news... the bay city police force has apprehended another one of those mutant monkey - aliens from the Z28 galaxy... its the truth i swear to god if you dont believe me thats your problem... oh something random to add in here(like the comment before this wasnt random enough^^) jess doesnt like my friends.. ^^ sorry had to put this in here to bust her chops ^^ i love you... anyways school sucked... i swear to god its useless... there is absolutely no point... and i am sick and tired of these ghetto people with there afros and shit thinking they rule the school... i know i dont but still... they think they own everything... one of em walked into me then started yelling in jibberish... some about his monkey at home... thats all i could make out... but ya it was rather funny... he kinda shut up after i continued to glare at him... he walked away and that was that...
I dont know why people must make up their own language.... i mean yes its cool and all but when you put -izzle on the end of every fuckin word you say it gets so annoying... just like all those rap songs, no talent just fuck this drugs are cool clubs and my rims... wow look at me i should be a rapper... haha if i ever did id have jon shoot me ^^ or anyone else who got there before him... ya...
but honestly if he said one more thing i would have leveled his ass...^^ im in that kind of mood right now... got in another arguement with my mom...well that really is one every other day... this one was getting extremely bad so i just walked away... so now i am sitting in my chair half asleep... i cant sleep because i must clean this shithole cuz my dad yelled at me...=(

"Would it make things easier if i was gone? Would it make things right if i was never wrong? Would it make you happier to be alone?Would it make things easier?"

current mood: steamy-head like

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
2:01 pm - no school for mee
so while you guyses were all sitting in school trying to "learn something" i was sitting at home...HAHA ON YOUUUUU oh ya...but now my room is spotless and i moved it around go mee oh ya i can walk now ^^ i also found like 30 cd's i thought i lost. which means i have my shadows fall and all other good stuff back yesssssssssssssss!!!! i was gonna get a pic of my mohawk i gelled up a couple days ago but it didnt stand today...fuckin hair if you dont cooperate again im cutting you off....oh right still on lj so uhmm ya just here to laugh at you guyseses...

also i havent been very up-to-date with this lj so ill inform you on what i did on my weekend and monday

on saturday i got to skate finally ... outcome is i cracked my deck...ok well montanas deck but whatever doesnt bother me any it isnt mine =) and i also remembered how much skating hurt... ill leave your minds to figure out what i did =) anyways on sunday was the stuperbowl...ya sorry i hate football or any sports for that matter, unless they are extreme... anyways jess came over and we watched anchorman and went in the jacuzzi...
"this morning i woke up, went to the bathroom and shit a squirrel...damned thing is still alive too...so now i have this shit covered squirrel in my office..."
"SORRY CHAMP , i think i ate your chocolate squirrel!" -Funny fuckin movie

monday i got to skate again with my now cracked deck... and i was accompanied by jon.. after an hour or so of us sucking hardcore we played on the playscape at Maple Hill and some 4 year old was doing everything we were doing..man that kid is gonna turn out like us...please somebody save him cuz we are already two halfs of a whole idiot...we dont need a 3rd wheel ... SPARE HIM!!!
ya im done...im goin to sleep on my couch/bed thing ... goodnight and HAHA ON YOU IN SCHOOL!!

look at me go =p

current mood: ugh

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Saturday, February 5th, 2005
10:44 pm - TRiPPY
1..2..FUCK YOU!!

since i wrote a pointless entry before this one will be pointless too....superbowl is tomorrow...oo wow...arent i excited...no...i am excited cuz i got these new pics to show off hehe

hehe cool huh i love this little programm...kinda mad that a muffins cooler than me though..maybe ill change that one later..enjoy ^.^

current mood: hehehe

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Friday, February 4th, 2005
10:34 pm - I am what i am FUCK YOU
1..2..FUCK YOU!!

Hello people of livejournal and the surrounding areas last night we experienced a crucial snow storm.. i cant believe we made it out of that alive.. onto other news..the temperature is at 36 degrees which means that skateboarding season is almost here and yes i am very happy see this**points to face**HAPPY FACE.. enough of that.. the papa bear of the house has fallen ill and i was told i cant make any noises so i lay here quiet with no movement so i dont wake him.. even though hes 2 floors up.. haha imma loser this entry is dumb.. well back on subject.. if you dont comment on this then the world will implode and our lives will be in grave danger..half because the world will implode...and also because i will poke you..with a spork..and explde hot sauce packets onto your head.. and then your head will fall off.. and youll bleed.. and then possibly die im not sure yet.. but it will be semi micro painful.. and you should be scared.. ok petrified.. i mean why wouldnt you be.. your being threatened with a fuckin spork.. if i wasnt the one threatening i woulda pissed myself by now ^_^.. haha yes this entry is funny oh so funny.. but your probably sitting there shaking your head repeating these words.." Tim, you are such a dumbass." or simply" WOW!" yes i can read your mind i know what your thinking.. ok maybe not and no i dont want to know either.. unless it involves me then go for it.. but off of that.. i am rather sad that my bio-dome broke.. its been a whole 2 weeks since its passing and a burial shall be held on saturday..February 5,2005 at 10:00 P.M. And in enlightenment of this terrible tragedy I may be getting a new copy from Sarah. Yippee go Sarah!! Cradle of Filth is a very cool band.. sitting here listening to them is actually making mee more aware of exactly what is in their music.. and all the cool instruments and melodies.. perhaps thats why they are so well known haha and yes joey jordison's real name is Nathan Jonas Jordison...had to put that in here for gits and shiggles... another thing for gits and shiggles.. how come if you run through a blueberry patch and through the gumdrop forest you dont end up at santa's palace.. i followed the fuckin' elfs instructions and i didnt find santa.. guess im on the naughty list and he doesn't want to speak to mee at this specific point and time.. oh well im gonna end this journal with a poem i heard from a duo of wise men...
I saw a beautiful butterfly floating by,
He landed on my cheek just a schmiggin from my eye,
I said to my furry little friend,

Hit Counter

Free Hit Counter
ok this is my counter.. if you dont leave a comment the above WILL happen =p

1..2..FUCK YOU!!

ok im out.. later

current mood: Happy

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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
8:24 pm - Is it really para-fuckin-noia or somebodys after mee?
OK well...today was shit...but i still have my good mood hoorah...oh yeah...i worked everything out with jess and sam....and now the only people that have to get there heads on straight are these jealous people who need to spread rumors to make others miserable...oh well personally you didnt effect me in any way just gave me a headache...so you failed...go crawl in a hole and die your life goal wasn't met leave the face of the earth nobody wants you here...either that or grab some bread and hike up to the mountains and yodel while billie goats tear you apart limb from limb...doesnt matter which way you choose..just hope you die ^_^ anyways...i had an average day today...got inna fight with jon today....and dont worry i will win tomorow =p he didnt win today...just stating that so everybody knows who the winner is...cough MEE cough...anyways found my cool red hair stuff...looks sic when i tip my hair red...but it looked like i had a gash in my head today...so maybe ill do it tomorrow with littler mess this time...^_^ yea...jess is bringing her camera tomorrow...photo shoot woohoo me and jon with camera was bad last time...but this time shes taking pics so we can be dumber YESSSSSSSS lol tomorrow will be a day to remember...or forget it can go both ways at this point...EVERYONE SHOULD GO DOWNLOAD VEHEMENCE-FANTASY FROM PAIN right now...it is awesome and im listening to it so DO SO NOW!! haha ya thats right i bossed you around woohoo..oh expecting an apology?fuck you...haha yup im back to my normal self..ok done with this LJ....fuck this lj too i think it should go to hell...

current mood: Myself

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4:33 pm - Wow...
1...2...FUCK YOU!!!

first off...the annonymous person what the fuck...why get into this shit and worry about it..not your relationship go fuck off...and second i dont know what the fuck is going on any more i was happy for a whole 10 hours..not even..now im fuckin all pissed again...wow im destined to be miserable huh...well FUCK YOU ALL im not a cheater i never have never will never thought about it end of fuckin story you bitches need to stop spreading rumors about mee and get your own fuckin lives...im sorry yours is too fucked up to live but oh well dont live through mee....

1...2...FUCK YOU!!!


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